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Rensselaer Dining locations are equipped and dedicated to accommodating customers who have food allergies, Celiac disease, or other dietary needs. Our managers communicate daily with customers, in order to provide safe, healthy, and delicious options. Your campus dining experience should be enjoyable and Rensselaer dining takes pride in creating site-specific options where customers with allergies can safely choose and enjoy their meals. We want to meet one-on-one with anyone who has individual dining needs to ensure that your dining experience is safe, delicious, and social.

“Nut Conscious” Dining Halls

We do not use any products with peanuts or tree nuts in the kitchens of Commons, Russell Sage, Blitman, and BarH dining halls. Sealed peanut butter packets and coconut are allowed. An item made with coconut will list “tree nut” on the sign under the allergen list.

Our bakery does not bake with peanuts or tree nuts, but they occasionally get products from a facility that processes peanuts and treenuts. It is recommended that guests with peanut and tree nut allergies choose their desserts from Simple Zone where they are certified peanut and tree nut free. For access to Simple Zone, please contact the Registered Dietitian.

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Simple Servings is our allergen-safe, dining option for our customers with food allergies, gluten intolerance, or those who prefer plain and simple foods. The Simple Servings station offers food free from common allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, wheat, soy, milk products, and eggs.

All foods offered are also free from gluten-containing ingredients. Simple Servings staff members are carefully trained to avoid cross-contact with food allergens. Separate equipment, storage areas, utensils and preparation areas minimize the chances of gluten and allergens in our Simple Servings foods. 75% of Simple Servings items also meet our Mindful criteria, which makes it an easy and healthy choice for customers who are focused on ingredients and portion size to control weight, blood sugar and other health issues.

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Simple Zone is our campus “pantry” where food items needed by students with Celiac disease or food allergies can be housed with precautions against cross-contact. This special area is free of gluten-containing ingredients, as well as tree nuts and peanuts. Simple Zone gives students the ability to be involved in their own allergen-safe meal preparation. Simple Zone includes gluten-free bread products, waffles, desserts, and gluten-free appliances like a toaster, microwave and toaster oven.

Rensselaer is one of the first universities in NY to stock epinephrine in our four dining halls. Managers are trained in Allertrain emergency protocols. We strongly encourage students that we prescribed epinephrine to carry it with them at all times.

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Our campus dietitian is a certified Allertrainer and teaches Allertrain U, which is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accredited, manager level, food allergy and celiac disease training course designed for those who serve in a college or university. All of our Simple Servings chefs and managers are Allertrain U certified. 

Our frontline employees receive Food Allergy 101 training twice a year.

Kimberly Mayer is a graduate of Russell Sage college and has 20+ years as a registered dietitian. She is an AllerTrain™ certified master trainer providing ongoing food allergy education to our dining team to help ensure safe and delicious foods for our customers with food allergies and Celiac disease. She also assists students on campus that have dietary restrictions helping them become more comfortable in their new dining environment.

Available for complimentary consultations for anyone that has a meal plan on topics such as: food allergies, Celiac disease, or other special dietary needs, eating healthy on campus, vegan and vegetarian nutrition, weight management, or for campus presentations.

Kimberly Mayer, RDN

Follow Kim on Instagram at fuel.u_kimrdn.

For students with medical conditions that impact their ability to dine well on campus, we strongly encourage a conversation with our Registered Dietitian. In many instances, our dining team can easily assist with special needs.

Occasionally, Dining Services cannot meet a student’s medical needs within normal service. We may require additional medical documentation to enable us to develop a more specific meal plan accommodation form. In this situation, we ask that the student contact the office of Disability Services for Students or call 5182768197. Disability Services for Students. Together, our departments work to serve our students with medical needs related to dining on campus.